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Do you need a Polish interpreter for a doctor’s appointment or a marriage certificate translated from Urdu to English? 
We can translate all major languages and multiple dialects from all over the world. Our linguists are DPSI or level 3 community interpreters and are all enhanced DBS checked. 
We also have a network of highly experienced translators all of whom are native-speaking linguists. 

Translation Services 

Trebon Language Solutions provides a vast range of translation services to law firms, medical facilities, organisations and companies nationwide. We specialise in professional, high-quality, efficient, fast accurate language translation services in a full range of domains. 
Our translators stand ready to perform a wide range of translation services including texts that require extensive knowledge of technical, legal, medical, scientific, engineering, business, marketing, computer, and other specialised terminology. 
Trebon Language Solutions provides the following translation services: 

Legal translation services 

We provide various law firms with our professional translators. Working in the field of law could be challenging as it requires a strong legal background of the subject matter. Our translators are carefully chosen to best suit your needs.We have an excellent expertise in allocating you with the relevant translators. 

Financial translation services 

We offer a professional and accurate financial translation service with precise terminology in the banking, financial and insurance institutions. We have a long experienced and professional team of linguists with a financial background to attend to your attention. 

Medical translation services 

We have highly qualified and professional translators who are fully conversant in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, and can brilliantly translate the relevant language and terminology of your assignments into their mother language. 

Health and Well-being translation services 

We offer the finest local experts with a long experience in the branding and packaging sector to polish your dialogue to perfection. Our experts preserve the benefits of your original descriptions. 

Technical and Manufacturing translation services 

We are a renowned agency for delivering technical translation services to companies and organisations throughout the UK. We work with a wide range of industries. We translate technical documents with the complexity of formatting and drawings. 

Marketing translation Services 

In a place where the competition is very high, we do our utmost to provide companies and industries of the resources they need to manage the diverse range of their marketing channels to overcome all the challenges. 
Satisfaction guarantee 

  Satisfaction guarantee 

We, at Trebon, guarantee a high quality of translation services in each of these various areas by ensuring every translation is entrusted to the most relevant members of our linguists who are highly skilled. We have a full range of professional and talented translators, proofreaders and editors. Our translators are accredited and provide a very accurate document translation that our clients value. 

Interpreting services 

Professional Interpreting Services nationwide. 
With long years of experience supplying Interpreting services to Law Firms, Medical facilities and various companies, Trebon Language Solutions Ltd is one of the leading interpreting and Translation services suppliers nationwide. For a very long time, we at Trebon have been providing professional and accurate work to various organisations and agencies. 
Trebon has a wide network and database of professional, talented, highly skilled and accredited linguists who are thoroughly chosen before undertaking any works. We always ensure that we select only the most relevant interpreters for the job; those who have a long experience in the given field with specialist subject knowledge, whether that be for a legal matter, medical service or to interpret over the phone. With our vast network of professional and talented interpreters we are able to provide your company with highly qualified interpreters in almost all languages on time and on target. 
Trebon Language Solutions provides the following interpreting services 

Face to face interpreting 

Face to face interpreting provides a visual contact, which might be more appropriate and suitable in certain sensitive situations. It can be the most effective way of dissolving the language barrier and fully addressing difficult subjects. We provide interpreters specialised in the subject matter and gender convenience. 

Line interpreting 

The striking feature of Line Interpreting is available at very short notice and ideal for urgent requests. it does not require traveling therefore it does not involve travel expenses. 

Simultaneous interpreting 

Simultaneous interpreting demands a huge amount of focus so that the work can be effective. This type of interpreting is used in general meetings, large assemblies and conferences. This happens when the interpreter interprets in real times as the speakers speak. listeners hear the simultaneous interpreting via headsets. 

Consecutive interpreting 

Consecutive interpreting is when a speaker pauses so that the interpreter interprets what has been said. this type of interpreting is famous as it does not require specific equipment. It occurs in gatherings and conferences. 

One call away 

Trebon Language Solutions meets all your requests for interpreting services even at short notice. Our interpreting quote is very competitive. We can provide interpreters in person and over the line. Our telephone interpreting service is flexible and immediate. An over the telephone interpreter can be made available within a very short time. 
Telephone interpreting can also be set up at a moment’s notice and is ideal for emergency calls. With no need to travel or added expenses, it is an ideal, efficient and convenient way of interpreting. 

Transcription Services 

Trebon Language Solutions Ltd offers Professional, fast and accurate transcriptions services to a wide range of industries, converting any speech into written form. 
We respect and understand that if you are going to spend your money on getting transcriptions, you want to know that you are getting a quality service completed on time that’s why our highly experienced transcribers are professional in dealing with your subject matter to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Any subject matter is checked by at least two of our transcribers to make sure that we meet the required standards and that any transcription is grammatically correct. we introduce solutions to produce Braille, Audio and Large Print Transcriptions. 
We apply transcription to a variety of formats and types that our clients require using advanced technology to assist companies to look after they visually impaired clients. At Trebon we do our utmost to provide great transcription services to meet your up-to-date standards. All this can be done by our highly skilled transcribers who have long years transcribing services experience. 
We are able to perform high quality transcription to meet your high standards. It is the skill of the transcriptionist that ensures that your transcripts are both accurate and well presented which is why we make it paramount that our clients receive only the best service from us. 
Our qualified and experienced transcriptionists are specialised in the following fields: 
Interviews transcription 
Academic interviews transcription 
Business meetings Transcription 
Focus group transcription 
Legal transcription 
Financial transcription 
Lectures, Speeches, Thesis and Dissertation notes Transcription 
Property transcriptions 
Medical transcription 
Insurance Claims Transcription 
TV transcription 
Conference Calls transcription 
Keynotes Transcription, Captions Transcription and much more 

Voice-over services 

Trebon Language Solutions specialises in the production of voice over services for all forms of media. 

What we do 

We add voice over to a wide range of contents such as business presentations as well as commercials of professional broadcast quality, educational videos, Teaching and Learning courses, online advertising and Marketing, websites, Radio programs and much more. 
With a variety of male and female voice-over artists on our records, we are certain that we have the perfect voice-over artist for you. We welcome all the requests from our clients. You just inform us the language and type of the voice over and we send you samples to perfectly suit your choice. If you are unsure what to choose, We are more than happy to table our proposals. We are here to attend to your needs first and then go to the extra mile to polish them to perfection. 

We work with: 

Advertising Agencies, TV and Radio Stations and various companies and organisations. 
We provide anyone who needs a voice-over recording. 
We guarantee high quality audio recordings and make great efforts to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 
All of our voice artists are highly qualified with a brilliant expertise in recording voice overs for a variety of media specific assignments. Each type of project is dealt with differently. Some clients require friendly soft voice for educational purposes. Whereas, others require professional voice for commercial and and marketing purposes. Some clients opt for warm tones to meet their children friendly projects. We attend to all your requirements. Whether you are looking for foreign language speakers or an English-speaking artist with a foreign accent, We undertake all projects. 
Trebon Language Solutions works hard to meet the different requirements of our various clients with the highest professional standards. We can undertake the project from start to finish. We complete the specified projects with perfection. We deal with all your requests quickly and efficiently. We offer excellently fast turnaround times and our rates are highly competitive. 

Subtitling Services 

We offer the finest quality subtitling services with very competitive rates in the market in any formats and types you need. 
Why would I choose Trebon for my subtitling needs? 
Trebon Language Solutions provides both standard format translated subtitling service and native-language subtitling service for the deaf and partially deaf. We at Trebon apply the most advanced technology tools to ensure subtitles meet the highest technical and content standards. . Our subtitlers use the standard subtitling service to deliver your assignment to your specifications. Our advanced systems and our own technology and tools are tailored to help you access a wider audiences faster than ever before. 
This service is used to provide a film or video program with on-screen text that converts the conversation in the audio file into subtitles. Subtitling service is for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people. Furthermore, it assists people with foreign language backgrounds to understand the spoken dialogue. 
We have a great team of professional and highly experienced subtitlers who are fluent in the target language. They are excellently skilled in the art of subtitling translation. They add subtitles to a wide range of contents. Our services enable our clients to assist their own clients who Lack the power of hearing or have impaired hearing. It also helps second language speakers to understand the spoken conversation. 
We customize the type, space constraints, style and shape of the subtitles. We can offer your type of subtitles with your choice to meet your requirements. We offer various options in type size, text color and fonts, as well as background. We are able to perform high quality subtitling for the motion picture industry. 

Proofreading Services 

We at Trebon are trusted by hundreds of speakers, students, organisations, agencies and businesses nationwide. 
As professionals in language services, we proofread documents in English but also in multiple languages, to ensure they are grammatically correct and fit for the intended audience. We proofread and edit for small and large businesses. We also subtitle video, testimonials and presentations. 
All our proofreaders are highly qualified and educated in many different subject areas and carefully trained to work on documents of all types. They are all native English speakers and are highly experienced. They will scrutinise your assignments to make sure nothing is overlooked and to stay away from potentially embarrassing errors and misrepresentations of your projects. Our proofreading precision gives our clients a peace of mind. 
Improving the sentence structure when needed 
It is crucial to understand the possible problems with the sentence structure so it can be corrected accordingly. For your documents to have the correct sentence structure we ensure the information within the sentence is clear and convenient. We make sure that grammar rules are followed. We check that active verbs and subordinate clauses are used. 
Rectifying punctuation errors 
Our proofreaders are well trained to help you improve your documents and efficiently correct punctuation mistakes. From comma splices to misplaced semicolons, Trebon Language Solutions experts detect punctuation mistakes and fix them. We undertake your project from the beginning till the end. 
Correcting formatting and referencing errors 
Many documents have mistakes due to poor formatting and references combined with others. Our professionals undertake your project to ensure that it is correct and in chronological order. 
Correcting spelling mistakes 
Our proofreaders have the knowledge and expertise to correct the most cumbersome mistakes, with a high degree of accuracy and speed. They do all they can to improve your documents to meet the international standards. 
Rectifying grammatical mistakes 
Our proofreaders have the knowledge and expertise to correct the most cumbersome mistakes, with a high degree of accuracy and speed. They do all they can to improve your documents to meet the international standards. 
Guaranteeing one type of spelling (British, American) 
There are many differences between British and American English spellings. We ensure that your project has one type of spelling as requested by the client. 
Ensuring the information flow and fluency are smooth and consistent 
It is important for your articles to have the information flow and fluency. One of the most effective ways to ensure the cohesion of your article is to organise the information flow by making sure it is smooth and expressive. Our proofreaders go through your documents thoroughly to see when there is a need to make the appropriate amendments or just to go with the flow. 
Changing the paragraph order if guided 
Choosing the correct paragraph order is significant to the cohesion and information flow of your articles. We undertake to rectify that with a high degree of accuracy and punctuality. 
Verifying the terminology 
Our experts verify the terminology used in your documents to ensure that the target terms have been used correctly. The translators use target terms from the termbase where suitable. They read and check your your terminology thoroughly. 

Minute taking services 

Our turnaround time is very effective as we work hard to meet all your requirements. You can rely on our highly skilled and professionally trained minute takers for complete discretion for all your meetings. 
Trebon Language Solutions provides Minute Taking Services. Our minute takers supply crystal clear and well written summaries of your meeting. We allocate highly qualified and well equipped professionals to suit your requirements in the finest manner. They aim to deliver a comprehensive and precise account of your meetings. Our writers take into careful consideration the complexity and technicality of your subject matter, we therefore offer you well-experienced and professionally trained minute takers so that our services are tailored to meet your needs. They will acquaint themselves with any relevant papers provided for your meeting. Once they attend they will type up the draft and return it to you for approval within a short period of time. Our suitably skilled experts are professional in producing minutes and summary style documents for a broad range of clients. 
Minute Taking services have a wide range of jobs to do. Some clients require a word for word transcript of what was said and discussed. for others, minute taking services must record the meeting events meticulously. In other instances, minute takers must provide a well written report of the key points of the meeting. This includes a comprehensive yet concise summary of the most important discussions. 
Whatever your requirements are, We offer you professional, reliable and accurate minute taking services to best meet your needs. Our minute takers are highly skilled and professionally presented. They are impartial and adhere to strict rules of Confidentiality. They have professional codes of conduct and customer service skills. They comply with the Code of Ethics. 
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